“Teaching” Without a Teacher



Over the years my wife has purchased her fair share of stuff I’ve had to assemble. You name it…everything from lawn furniture to exercise equipment. Like most men, I HATE having to follow those gosh darn “instructions” for putting together all the pieces.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing? ….just hang with me here a minute.

She buys something and brings it home. I open the box and dump all the stuff onto the floor. I then open the instructions to step #1 and begin.

I’m sure someone tried their best to write the instructions, but they frustrate the heck out of me! They never seem quite clear enough on EXACTLY how things are supposed to fit together.

It occurred to me how that frustration is so very similar to the frustration most beginning Internet marketers experience…myself included back in the day.

Say you buy one of those “Here’s how to do it – you’ll make a lot of money” Internet marketing packages. Let’s assume you buy it from a legit guru who knows what he is talking about. Ok, you HAVE the “instructions”. He also tells you about the other “tools” you will need: hosting, a domain, WordPress, keyword tools, article submitting software, Web 2.0, social media….and the list goes on.

You have ALL the pieces you need. You have access to all the required tools.  You even have INSTRUCTIONS!  Cool beans you are in business!

I used to aggressively market and sell my own “packages” After all, that’s what successful Internet marketers do…right?

But that’s no longer a big part of my business model now.

I am a former teacher. Can you imagine if I had simply walked into my classroom, handed out books and “instructions” to my chemistry students and left without any actual TEACHING?

If I could create a checklist for you to follow that would always lead to great online success, I’d be a very wealthy genius.

Sure, many gurus out there have gotten rich selling folks “checklists and instructions”. They are wealth marketers. But what about their “students” who lacked a teacher? The success rate is VERY low for their buyers and they know it. I’m not knockin’ them…I’m just saying how it is.

OK, look. You can read my posts and watch all my videos; that can build a great foundation of basic knowledge. But the problem is when you begin putting all the pieces together. Not one step is “cut and dried”. You will ALWAYS have questions during the entire process. Who will you ask? Who will you trust?

Those who have followed me over the years and had the greatest success have been involved with me in a mentoring relationship.Nothing beats having the package of instructions AND a coach’s help.

No matter how well I, or any of the gurus out there, write the instructions, you will still have countless questions every step of the way. You can either give it your best guess (sort of like playing darts in the dark) and hope for the best, or make sure you have some help in the beginning.

What you need most is not a “package full of promises”. You need basic instructions backed up with a live mentor who can answer your questions when you get stuck and also to bounce your ideas off of.  There are a thousand little miss-steps and dead-ends in this business; a mentor can guide you clear of those time wasters.

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  1. Steve,

    This is SO true…I face this every week in my own niche. So many moms, in desperation, spend money on package after package to help them immediately start making big bucks from home. Once they get on the phone with me, they realize what they truly need – personal assistance! :)

    Thanks for posting this – great article!

  2. Kevin Adams says:

    Thanks for the reminder Steve I’ve got caught up In this package buying stuff again myself. I better go back to the beginning.

  3. Robert says:

    To Steve,

    My comment: this is a very humbling post. I’ve personally lost around $400 and they asked for an extra $900 for SEO which I never paid. Learned my lesson.
    But this post is an eye opener. I think that’s the best part about Internet marketing you help other people. And your happiness comes from seeing them succeed.

    From Robert

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for the comments Robert and Kevin!

  5. Stephen Tracey says:

    Hi Steve,
    Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all the free articles and content you give out.

    Using information I learned from your free articles I was able to to get my website on the first page of search results..

    You have established yourself as a very credible brand name with internet marketing. I like your upfront and honest approach.. its a complete contrast from the spin some of the other internet marketers.

    PS. I want to place your link on my website, please advise if you have a graphic/button I can use.

    Keep up the great work

    Steve T

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks Steve! …and great job on your rankings! I had some logos done a while back, but was not happy at all with them. I have not gotten around yet to finding more.

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